Caterpillar Dreams


Caterpillar DreamsClive McFarland. Harper Collins, 2017

Every time I read this book an ‘awww’ shoots out of me on the second last page–its timeless theme is charming. Henri is a very small caterpillar with a big dream–to fly. Henri wants to see the world outside the garden and have an amazing, incredible, impossible-seeming adventure. He has no idea of the transformation that is in store for him, so he leaves his friends in the garden and sets out for adventure. Eventually, as caterpillars do, Henri soars. I won’t reveal where Henri’s wings finally take him, but will say that his adventure was indeed amazing, incredible and impossibly possible. The white backgrounds on each page allow for children to zoom in on the adorable critter illustrations (check out those eyes!). As Henri flutters off the final page, readers are reminded to never stop chasing their dreams.

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