Spring Fling Writing Contest Entry – 2022


Here it is – my entry for the 2022 #SpringFlingKidLit competition, in 150 words or less.

Credit: promogif.com

MUD PUDDLES – by Beth Elliott – 139 words

House Cat: Oh my. Oh my, my, my. You. Are. Disgusting.

Puppy: You should have seen it out there! The snow’s gone and there’s splashy brown stuff everywhere!

House Cat: It’s called mud. It’s the reason I do not step paw outside until summer.

Puppy: You call it mud. I call it fun!

House Cat: Your mother never plays in the mud. Not in all the five springs we’ve lived together. She wouldn’t dream of soiling her bright white coat.

Puppy: You mean mom hasn’t played in mud puddles before to–

House Cat: No, never. You’ll be in a whole ball of trouble when she sees you.

Puppy: Sees me? She already has.

House Cat: Oh dear. Whatever did she say?

Puppy: Nothing about the mud . . . just something about feeling like she’s one year old again.

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