What If, Pig?


By Linzie Hunter. HarperCollins, 2021

The highest praise a writer can give another book has to be “I wish I’d written that myself!”

WHAT IF, PIG? tells an engaging story, includes an underlying message, provides a jumping off point for important discussions and . . . it’s FUNNY!

There is a fabulous page turn to a two-page spread that gives pause. This spread is sparely worded and illustrated, but boldly colored. It powerfully paints the emotion that the story is about–excessive worry. Anxiety is no stranger to my family and this story talks about it in an open, accurate and light-hearted way.

This story’s pièce de résistance is an unidentifiable secondary character. Is it an anteater? A fictional creature? A giant mole? This character has only one line in the entire book and it plays brilliantly into its topic. Moreover, it’s hilarious! My daughter painted me a picture of this creature with its speech bubble for my birthday because I love it so much.

Don’t miss Linzie Hunter’s video tutorial where she demonstrates she actually knows how to draw a horse–I mean creature!

WHAT IF, PIG? is an entertaining and thoughtful addition to home and school SEL selections.

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