Beep and Bah


James Burks. Carolrhoda Books, 2012Beep and Bah

Beep and Bah is what I’ve been waiting to cross my path – I love a laugh out loud picture book with a surprise ending. Although published in 2012, I’ve just discovered it. My daughter was quick to point out that James Burks is also responsible for the also very witty graphic novel series, Bird and Squirrel.

Beep declares adventure as he and Bah set out to look for Bah’s missing sock. All that Bah says is “Bah”, leaving much open to interpretation by Beep, whose commentary never ceases. They journey far and wide, interview many creatures and finally reach the end of the road (literally), without finding the missing sock. But when they turn around to go back to the beginning–the sock is found, at least by the reader, who will also want to go back to the beginning and read this gem of a picture book again.

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