I write picture books that aim to evoke emotion–preferably laughter but I’m all for a book that tugs on my heart strings. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Bottom Shelf Blues: An outgrown picture book plots to save its spine before being shelved forever.

Broccoli Dude: Despite being grade A gorgeous, Broccoli is continuously overlooked for other vegetables in the grocery store. When Broccoli begins to droop, he sprouts a plan to transform himself before being tossed in the compost bin.

The Cover-Up: Ellie’s attempt to hide the drawing on her boring bedroom wall leads to a series of inventive cover-ups that are impossible to hide from her meticulous mother.

Your Dance: A lyrical journey through a child’s dance of life, from an infant’s drumming heartbeat to finding a partner that doesn’t step on their toes.


Shake the World: Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino had modest means but enormous hearts, resulting in thousands of underprivileged children worldwide achieving brighter futures.


Eyes on Me: Alina loves the performing arts–except the performing part. She devises a way to participate in the class recital, proving that there is more than one way to put on a successful performance.

Wishing Sundays: Effie must find a way for her aging gran to continue with their weekly trips to the library.