I write picture books with humor and heart that entertain children and adults. These are some of the projects that I’m especially excited about. 


PROFESSIONAL PIRATEPete’s plan to become a pirate turns to shark bait when his dad enrolls him in school. Swapping swords for subtraction and cannons for counting make Pete feel seasick. But when his math moves help the crew become successful–instead of swindled–seadogs, Pete discovers he can map out a future that doesn’t involve throwing his dreams, or his education, overboard.

BRINGING HOME BUSTERGarth wishes for a playmate on every shooting star. His baby brother makes a horrible co-pilot and his kitten, Buster, turns out to be an astronomical nuisance. When Garth finally plans a mission that includes his diverse crew, a cosmic adventure unfolds. 

BOTTOM SHELF BLUESNight Night Numbers is Jacob’s favorite book–until Jacob discovers superhero stories. When Night Night’s attempts to regain Jacob’s attention fail to add up, he drafts a plan to save his spine before being boxed away forever.

BROCCOLI DUDE: Despite being grade A gorgeous, Broccoli is overlooked for other vegetables in the grocery store. When Broccoli begins to droop, he sprouts a plan to make himself irresistible to children before becoming compost.

THE COVER-UP: Move the rug! Hurl the pillows! Sit the cat! One cover-up leads to another as Ellie attempts to hide her redecorated bedroom wall from her meticulous mother.

YOUR DANCE: A lyrical journey through a child’s dance of life, from an infant’s drumming heartbeat, a child untangling their own feet, and an adult meeting a partner that doesn’t step on their toes.


SHAKE THE WORLD: American-born Canadian immigrants Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino had modest means and enormous hearts. The Cappuccinos raised twenty-one children, nineteen of whom were adopted, and continue to help thousands underprivileged children worldwide achieve their dreams through their non-profit organization, Child Haven International

In Progress

THE BEST BEACH DAY. EVER. A child organizes a trip to the beach on their mom’s rare day off. Sandbars and sea creatures aren’t exactly what Mom has in mind, and she becomes more frazzled with each adventure. But her child ultimately proves that when left in charge of the planning, they both have the best beach day. Ever.

DINNER IN THE COURTYARD: A child longing for community invites other children to make mud pies and share snacks as they play in the park behind their high rise. Not wanting the afternoon of food and friendships to end, they plan an impromptu dinner in the courtyard. But a sudden storm threatens to cancel the party unless the hero can find a dry location for their newfound community to gather.