I write entertaining picture books that weave in STEM or social-emotional topics. I’m especially excited about these projects:


Spiders inspire human designs and inventions—on playgrounds, in clothing and even space robots headed to the moon. Play I Spy with Old Spider as it convinces Little Spider that arachnids are awesome in this heartwarming and informational story about biomimicry and self-acceptance.


    Three neighbourhood news sources share three completely different accounts of Robbie Robin’s first flight from his nest, putting Robbie’s safety in jeopardy and challenging the neighbourhood animals to determine which story to believe.


      George is terrible at recess games, until a Four Square court appears in his school yard. But becoming reigning king of the court makes George greedy for power and his followers revolt. With no one willing to play under his rule, George must decide between playing fair and playing the game he’s grown to love at all.


          Ruby is determined to discover why she’s the only red-haired cow in her herd. But her constant questions drive the farm crazy! When Ruby learns how to hunt down answers herself she solves her coloured coat mystery and restores harmony at home.


          When trying to get even with her bully, Madelyn turns into someone she doesn’t recognize. Once Madelyn discovers she can’t change Olivia, she focuses on the one person she can do something about.

              STEP INTO FALL

              Birthday wish not coming true? A ‘falling leaf wish’ might be luckier for you! Fun and frolic await outside your front door. Come, step into fall.

                THE BEST BEACH DAY. EVER. 

                Emma’s long-awaited beach day with her hardworking mom will be her last unless Emma relaxes their action-packed schedule and leans into the joy of spending a day off together.

                  PROFESSIONAL PIRATE

                  Pete’s dream of becoming a buccaneer turns to shark bait when his dad enrolls him in school. When his math moves help the crew become successful, instead of swindled, seadogs, Pete maps out a new plan that doesn’t throw his dreams overboard.

                    BRINGING HOME BUSTER

                    A nuisance brother. A crazy kitten. Garth ditches his co-pilots to fly solo, but discovers it’s lonely being a cranky captain. When Garth adapts a mission to include his diverse crew, a cosmic adventure unfolds.

                    • Longlisted in the 2019 CANSCAIP Writing for Children Competition 

                    BROCCOLI DUDE

                    Despite being grade A gorgeous, Broccoli is overlooked for other vegetables in the grocery store. When his stalks begin to droop, Broccoli sprouts a plan to make himself irresistible to children before becoming compost.