Mo Willems, author. Dan Santat, illustrator. Hyperion Books for Children, 2016

I’m endeavouring to write great math books that are so much fun to read children have no ideaThe Cookie Fiasco they’re learning about math. The picture book, THE COOKIE FIASCO, does just that. It’s so good, and not just the chocolate chip cookie part. But of course it is, it’s created by the powerhouse due of Mo Willems and Dan Santat.

Fun and memorable characters abound as 4 friends try to share 3 cookies . . . as the jacket flap says, they have 1 big problem–everyone wants a cookie! Division has never been so crumbly. My 6 year-old delights in solving the cookie fiasco before the characters.

This is also a great picture book for new readers, as they can choose to read the dialogue of their favourite character. Mine is the squirrel who is fighting for equal cookies for all.

The wink to the reader on the final page does not disappoint. Next, the group needs to figure out how to share three glasses of milk . . .

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