Aree Chung, author/illustrator. Henry Holt and Company, 2018.

MixedHow didn’t anyone think of this before? I asked myself after reading this deceptively meaningful picture book about the diversity of colours that result from primary colours mixing. The characters, dots of colour, all have limbs, planting the seed from the start that the story is more than just a lesson in colour theory.

The loud Reds, bright Yellows and cool Blues (I love the convertible and sunglasses) cannot get along and decide to live separately. Eventually, a Yellow notices a Blue and they create Green. The other colours are intrigued, and soon Lavender, Jade and Amber arrive on the scene. The colours ultimately intermix harmoniously in a new city full of all types of colour.

The messages of tolerance and inclusiveness are clear and easy to grasp in this picture book that would serve to introduce these themes to the youngest of readers. This book will also appeal to budding artists–have their paint sets handy if you bring MIXED home from the bookstore.

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