Mother Bruce


Mother BruceRyan T. Higgins. Disney*Hyperion, 2015

Bruce is a grumpy adult bear who likes one thing–eggs. But not raw eggs. Eggs prepared according to the recipe that has most recently caught his eye on the internet. He sets off and finds goose eggs, but before he can cook them, the unthinkable happens. They hatch! Bruce soon finds himself being called ‘Mama’ and followed everywhere by his unexpected brood, whose real mother has flown south. Bruce cannot bring himself to eat the adorable goslings. So he tries to shake them, to no avail. Bruce soon realises that he must make the best of the situation and embarks on caring for the energetic youngsters.

Humorous illustrations + clever writing = an all-ages family favourite picture book in my house.

Mother Bruce has been republished by Scholastic in paperback form–look for it in catalogues for an unbeatable price.

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