Peanut Butter and Cupcake (Terry Border; Philomel Books, 2014)


peanut-butter-and-cupcakeTerry Border is the genius behind the bent object project, where wire is added to ordinary things, enabling them to pose and almost come to life. Check out that the book cover! His bent objects grace calendars, greeting cards, puzzles and a number of picture books.

In Peanut Butter and Cupcake, peanut butter is looking for a friend. On Peanut Butter’s journey to find Jelly, his true condiment mate, he meets a number of interesting characters, such as hamburger who is out walking his dogs, cupcake who is building a sprinkle castle, and alphabet soup, who isn’t shy about spelling out exactly how he feels. The wordplay is hilarious and the bent object art is cleverly executed (look for the high heels on momma toast). While this book carries some subtle messages about friendship and perseverance, it is predominantly an entertaining read–right down to the last crumb.

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