Music is for Everyone


Music is for EveryoneMusic is for Everyone (Jill Barber, author. Sydney Smith, illustrator. Nimbus Publishing Ltd., 2014).

Although most of us often listen to a few favourite genres, this picture book highlights a variety of different music styles. If its goal is to inspire readers to seek out new types of music for themselves and their families, it succeeded with me! It also reminds the reader that music is as accessible as the quiet tune inside our own heads. This book isn’t only educational; parents and children will laugh out loud as they try to scat. A few pages later, the illustration of a young girl, mouth wide open singing operetta-style, continues to inspire my 3 year-old to belt out a high note of her own. The illustrations are packed with detail, emotion, and action. Juno-nominated jazz musician Jill Barber authored this book and the illustrator and publisher are Canadian, as well. Well done, team Canada! This book is North American-centred; I would love to see a sequel inspired by international styles of music.

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