I. Ben-Barak, author. J. Frost, Illustrator. Roaring Brook Press, 2020

There's A Skeleton Inside You!

Here we have plot-driven, interactive (à la PRESS HERE (Tullet)), not to mention educational picture book brilliance. THERE’S A SKELETON INSIDE YOU! unveils the anatomy and function of a human hand layer-by-layer. First, the bones. Second, the muscles. And finally, the nerves. As each layer is revealed, how it is used to help Quog and Oort repair their spaceship is demonstrated.

“Is this what inside my hand really looks like?” my daughter asked.


It’s a fair question as this story is being told by two space aliens. If there was any doubt, the fine print confirms that the diagrams are true to form.

Child-friendly descriptions indicate how each layer of the hand helps rebuild the spaceship:

Muscles connect to your bones. When they contract they pull the bones and make you move stuff.”

This is one of those ‘wish I’d thought of it myself’ books that will be the first glimpse for many children as to what lies underneath our skin. Budding biologists beware, THERE’S A SKELETON INSIDE YOU! will only have you clamouring for more anatomy and physiology titles, which are rare in the picture book realm.