Good Night, Baddies (Deborah Underwood, author; Juli Kangas, illustrator. Beach Lane Books, 2016)


good-night-baddiesDeborah Underwood shares a delightful perspective on what the evil characters from our favourite children’s stories do at the end of their workdays. Exhausted from scheming and being wicked, the baddies come home to share a meal, socialize and read sweet bedtime stories. I love the spread where the witches check under giant’s bed for princesses before he turns out the light. Goodnight baddies is a short, sweet, entertaining bedtime read-it would make a perfect gift for almost any child. Both my 8 and 3 year-old love it.the-quiet-book

balloon-for-isabelI discovered Deborah Underwood’s many books a few years ago. My favourite is The Quiet Book, which describes many types of quiet, from “lollipop quiet” to “first look at your new hairstyle quiet”. I also enjoy reading A Balloon for Isabel-the ending is priceless, especially for jujube lovers!

Little Red Gliding Hood


Little Red Gliding HoodLittle Red Gliding Hood (Tara Lazar, author. Troy Cummings, illustrator. Random House, 2015).

Clever, funny and visually stimulating. These are the words that come to mind after my delightful first read of Little Red Gliding Hood (which was followed by another two back-to-back reads so that I could pick up on and enjoy all of its nuances). Little Red Gliding Hood’s quest to win the pairs skating competition with the only available partner that she can find – the Big Bad Wolf, is told with the humorous help of numerous characters and phrases from nursery rhymes and fairy tales. The illustrations add a layer of colourful interest and inside jokes for those who take a moment to study them. I especially like the page with the hare skating circles around the tortoise and Jack Sprat being held in an ice dance-style lift by his wife. This picture book scores a 10 out of 10 from this judge.