The Neighbors

By Einat Tsarfati. Abram Books for Young Readers, 2019

Mount the stairs of an apartment building with a young redhead who is headed home for the day. Each door is a little different–the first has a lot of locks, so must belong to a family of Egyptian artifact thieves. The second door is surrounded by muddy footprints. A rambunctious canine likely lives inside, but the protagonist imagines an explorer and his pet tiger behind the door. The journey to her seventh floor apartment continues in the same creative fashion, ending with a boring door, and behind it, boring parents–or so she thinks.

The surprise ending and the detailed two-page spreads of the apartments behind each door will make this a poured-over picture book. Hunting for the hamster that appears on the ‘LOST’ signs at building’s entrance adds additional charm. The verdict–a lighthearted picture book about the power of imagination that will spark creativity and conversation in your neighborhood, too!


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