I Love Sharks, Too!


I Love Sharks, Too! Leanne Shirtliffe, author. Lorenzo Montatore, illustrator. Sky Pony Press, 2017.

SteviI Love Sharks, Too!e can’t seem to do anything right. Throughout the day Mom barks at her energetic, shark-loving son: “Stevie, what did you do with your lost tooth?” “Will you quit squirming?” “Have you listened to anything I’ve said all day?” Stevie is part shark–at least he wants to be. So naturally, he responds to each of his mother’s quips with a true shark fact. Did you know that cookie cutter sharks eat their own teeth, whale sharks can’t stop moving and reef sharks can hear from miles away? Stevie’s constant rebuttals eventually wear his mom down. Check out this fict-informational picture book to find out what Mom sneaks off to do once Stevie is finally tucked into bed for the night. Endings don’t get any more satisfying.

Back matter includes more entertaining illustrations and cool information about specific species of sharks.

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