Animal Bodies Up Close series


Melissa Stewart. Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2012.

Animals Up Close seriesDiscover how a variety of different animals, from the horse to the blue-footed booby, use certain parts of their bodies to survive. All of the animal features have incredible capabilities, and some even a truly unbelievable look. The four-eyed fish can see above and below the water line at the same time. The camel’s feet are as big as a dinner plate but only have two toes! Photos of each animal as well as a close-up of  its featured body part allows for an examination of the eyes, ears, feet, nose, tails and tongues under study. My girls delighted in proving to themselves, countless times, that the star-nosed mole has twenty-two tentacles on its pink nose. Terrific Tongues

The concise text about each animal part is clear and child-friendly. My five year-old flips first to the quiz at the back of each book, where teachers will also find a list of additional resources. This series would be a well-loved addition to any kindergarten to grade four classroom.

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