Pirate's Perfect PetBeth Ferry, author. Matt Myers, Illustrator. Candlewick, 2016

My 5 year-old has chosen PIRATE’S PERFECT PET as her bedtime story every night for the last week. The pirate lingo is lost on her, and she doesn’t laugh at the line “shiver me Shih Tzus”, but she loves the bossy goose that makes Captain Crave walk a plank and the repeating line throughout. All ages will enjoy the clever language and detailed, hilarious illustrations in this rollicking read aloud about a pirate in search of the perfect pet. Although you may guess the pet that Captain Crave ends up with, the journey to find it is well worth the read (seven times over . . . and counting!).

My family loved Ferry’s picture book, LAND SHARK (Chronicle, 2015) and are now eagerly awaiting her future publications– according to her website, we have many to look forward to.

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