A Cooked-Up Fairy TalePenny Parker Klostermann, author. Ben Mantle, Illustrator. Random House, 2017

This clever fairy tale mash-up brings together not only characters from our favourite fairy tales, but also foods. Make those foods transformed by William, a budding chef who’s having difficulty finding his niche in fairy tale land. Snow White’s apple, Jack’s beans and Cinderella’s pumpkin all get made into gourmet dishes, altering the course of the fairy tales they are part of. Judy, the commander of fairy tale headquarters, is outraged. “Don’t you know anything about fairy tales?” she asks. Alas, William reads cookbooks, not fairy tales! When one of William’s concoctions creates a true recipe for disaster, he steps in to cook up a happy ending, which leads to his own happily ever after.

Ben Mantle’s illustrations are just as delicious as the text–bright, clear and filled with fairy tale tidbits children will devour. Pint-sized Judy, with her horn-rimmed glasses and grey hair streaks, adds a dash of wit to this delectable picture book.

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