I’m My Own Dog


I'm My Own DogDavid Ezra Stein. Candlewick Press, 2014

I’ve been waiting for a picture book to*wow* me, because I only post about picture books that knock my socks off. Enter David Ezra Stein’s I’m My Own Dog. I read this with my daughters a few years ago, and recalled it being very funny, so I sought it out again. Now further established in my picture book tastes, I appreciate this book even more and recognize what a standout it is–sock removing for sure.

The main character is a confident bulldog, who informs the reader of how his relationship with man really is. It is the bulldog that must deal with the little fellow who follows him home, lead him on a walk and clean-up his messes. The ending is sweet, satisfying perfection, reminding us that man and dog really are best friends.

This picture book is not only a fun frolic for dog lovers, any child will take delight in catching on to the perspective that the book is written in and laughing at the cleverness of the prose. Cute illustrations round out the book making it a winner for all ages.

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