Star Bright: A Christmas Story


star-brightAlison McGhee, author; Peter Reynolds, illustrator. Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2014

The bestselling team McGhee and Reynolds (Someday, Atheneum 2007) has created picture book magic again. As the world prepared for the birth of a baby, the newest angel also wanted to bring the baby a gift. But what? Wind to blow its hair? Rain to cool its skin? Music to sing the baby to sleep? These gifts were already taken. As she looked into the dark night sky, she found her answer. She dove down, down, down, transforming herself into a brilliant star that came to rest high in the sky, providing light in the darkness and a beacon for those traveling to meet the baby. The whimsical illustrations, sparse text and limited colour palette will sweep you away on a journey that never fails to leave me with a certain feeling in my chest. This picture book is a charming read for those wishing to share the traditional Christian Christmas story with their family.

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