Never Follow A Dinosaur


Never Follow A Dinosaur (Alex Latimer, Peachtree, 2016)

never-follow-a-dinosaurChildren love following animal tracks in the snow or mud. With each step further mystery unfolds as to who the footprints could belong to, why their pattern has changed and why they have suddenly disappeared. Joe and Sally have a lot of questions, but also answers. They are convinced that the footprints they’re tracking belong to a hungry, heavy, swimming, dancing dinosaur with a headache and sore foot, which also has wings! They set a trap to catch it, and are successful. But as their Mom reminded them, “You should never follow a dinosaur. Especially a hungry one!” Joe and Sally lion-vs-rabbitmanage to escape the dinosaur’s dinner plate and a happy ending ensues in this picture book that is big on imagination and pushes the boundaries of silliness. Alex Latimer is the author-illustrator of a number of picture books; another favourite in my house is Lion vs. Rabbit.

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