The Bureau of Misplaced Dads


The Bureau of Misplaced Dads (Éric Viellé, author. Pauline Martin, illustrator. Kids Can Press, 2015).

Bureau of Misplaced DadsAfter misplacing his Dad, the protagonist in this picture book is taken to the Bureau of Misplaced Dads to hopefully reclaim his father. Apparently 20 to 30 dads wander into this Bureau every day; some have been there for a long time, but most are in good condition. The main character searches for his dad and finds that these interesting specimens come in all shapes, sizes, smells, and outfits. There is a superhero dad, a dad with crumbs in his moustache, a dad named Mike that wears a suit, etc. But none are his dad, who know him and drive him to school. And NO, he does not want to adopt a different one. The boy eventually remembers where he put his dad that morning and rushes home to find him–happy ending achieved. This picture book will spur you to ask your child(ren) what kind of dad theirs is; the answer is sure to be either heartwarming or hilarious. The response in my house was on the heartwarming side–“he’s just a good dad.” Agreed. We’re going to be careful not to misplace him.

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