Owen (Kevin Henkes; Greenwillow Books, 1993)

OwenOwen has a beloved yellow blanket that he takes everywhere. But he can’t take it to school, and school is starting soon!

The neighbour, Mrs. Tweezers, cannot keep her whiskers on her own side of the fence. Mrs. Tweezers must know that parents appreciate unsolicited advice about how to change their child’s undesirable behaviours – she certainly has some ideas about how to rid Owen of his baby blanket. “Haven’t you heard of the Blanket Fairy? The vinegar trick? Have you heard of saying ‘no’?” Owen’s parents hadn’t heard of any of these things.

This story reminds us that the best actions come from the heart.  It’s Owen’s mom that comes up with a plan that maintains peace in the family … and even manages to silence Mrs. Tweezers.

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