Bear Snores On


Bear Snores OnBear Snores On (Karma Wilson, author. Jane Chapman, illustrator. Scholastic, 2002)

As a writer I know it’s hard, make that really, really, hard, to create rhyming perfection. Bear Snores On has found it. This books repeating lines are fun for children to say. The lyrical writing causes the reader to unwittingly give each of the animals that pass the winter storm in the bear’s den its own unique voice. The animals light a cozy fire and prepare snacks while the bear snores on. Eventually the bear wakes up, and the ending suddenly appears to be tragic for the animals who were enjoying their party moments before. A story of friendship with an ending sure to leave a smile on the faces of adults and children, Bear Snores On is a fun and feel good picture book. Snuggle up this winter and enjoy.

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