The Book With No Pictures


The Book With No PicturesThe Book with No Pictures (B.J.Novak, Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014)

I was skeptical (a picture book with no pictures?!), but checked this book out from the library anyway. I continued to be skeptical so it sat on our coffee table for a week before I opened it – and on my own first – I didn’t want to include it in my family’s bedtime story lineup unless it seemed like a reasonable winner. It started off acknowledging my concern (yes, a book with no pictures seems boring) then went on to explain how the book works. Basically, the reader has to read all of the words in the book – no matter what. By the 6th page turn I’m smiling and by the 9th I laughed out loud. I thought my 7 year-old would find it funnier than my 3 year-old, but as my youngest was saying “read this page again!” my oldest said “I don’t really get it.” Upon further explanation and reading she ‘got it’ and joined my youngest in giggling over the goofy statements and interesting sounds that I was required to (try to) read. This picture children’s book is worth checking out (literally!) – the facts that it’s completely unique and written by a fairly well-known American actor/comedian/director/screenwriter/producer make it pretty likely to be found at your local library or bookstore.

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