Little Chicken’s Big Day


Little Chicken's Big DayLittle Chicken’s Big Day (Katie Davis and Jerry Davis, Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2011)

When Big Chicken’s plans are slowed down by Little Chicken, Big Chicken is reminded that the simplicity of watching a butterfly and reading a book are the most rewarding things of all, especially when they’re done with Little Chicken.

Favourite picture books in my home are those with unstated themes that I can contemplate, but do not douse my children in lessons.  Instead, they have a character, plot, and/or humour that my daughter’s can enjoy. Little Chicken’s Big Day has these characteristics. “I hear you cluckin’ little/big chicken” is such a repeatable line for both parent and child, that my daughters and I have started calling this out to each other throughout the day, and for some reason we say it with an accent, which increases its giggle potential.

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